Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks, think tank of the Dutch Green Party, is a research foundation affiliated to the Dutch green political party GroenLinks. We challenge the intellectual legacy and the ideas of GroenLinks and the green progressive movement in general, to take these ideas further and strengthen their ideological basis.

The think tank plays an important role in the continuous development of the party platform of GroenLinks. In addition, we aim to influence the public debate on green and progressive issues. We act as a broker between the academic and intellectual world and GroenLinks, mobilising ideas and talent for the party. As an independent think tank we contribute to debates inside as well as outside of the party, contributing to the societal embedding of the green political and ideological programme. 

Generally, our publications and activities are in Dutch. Occasionally we present books, lectures or articles in English. Examples are the volume Populism in Europe, edited by Erica Meijers, and Charter for the Smart City, organised bij the Green European Foundation.

Quarterly journal De Helling

De Helling is our quarterly journal. The journal aims to inspire active members, including national and local politicians of the Green Party, and everyone interested in green and left-wing politics. The journal has an independent editorial staff and publishes articles on projects by the think tank, such as the housing and labour market and the Charter for the Smart City, but also on a whole range of other topics.


There is ample cooperation with academic organizations and persons, social organizations and the world of public administration. International partners include the Green European Foundation, the Heinrich Böll Stiftung and Etopia.