vrijdag 5 juni 2020

Public values in smart cities

Transnational workshop in Glanerbrug

How to ensure that technological innovations in cities respect and promote public values such as democracy, human dignity, privacy, equality and sustainability?

All over Europe, municipalities want to become ‘smart cities’, front-runners in the use of sensors, big data, algorithms and apps. Smart technologies offer opportunities for improving the quality of life in cities, for reducing their ecological footprint and for creating new urban commons. But they may also present threats to civil liberties and to social justice. The smart city should not be an end in itself. A smart city is only really smart if data collection and artificial intelligence are steered by values. How do we ensure that public values such as democracy, human dignity, privacy, equality and sustainability are put at the heart of smart cities?

This workshop will gather politicians, experts, practitioners and activists from cities on both sides of the German-Dutch border, such as Münster and Enschede. They will explain about specific technological innovations in their municipalities, discuss conflicting values and identify best practices. The conclusions may feed into the online version of the Charter for the Smart City.

The workshop is organised by the Green European Foundation and Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks. The event will be chaired by former Dutch Member of the European Parliament Judith Sargentini. It will feature Christoph Almering (director Euroregio), June Nods (vice-mayor Enschede), Kirsten Fiedler (policy advisor to Alexandra Geese in the European Parliament, winner Felipe Rodriguez Award 2018), Richard Wouters (Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks) and other speakers.

Date & time
Friday 5 June, 13:00 - 16:00
Reception starts from 12:00. The event will be followed by networking drinks.

Participants may use German, Dutch and English interchangeably.

Euregio meeting centre Terhaar-sive-Droste, Gronausestraat 1258-1260, NL-7534 AV Glanerbrug

Glanerbrug has a train station. Travel time by train from Enschede to Glanerbrug is 6 minutes. Travel time by train from Münster Hbf to Glanerbrug is 70 minutes.
Walking from Glanerbrug station to the meeting centre takes 8 minutes. Click here for a map of Glanerbrug.

Send an e-mail to Richard Wouters at Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks.

The Charter for the Smart City is available in German, Dutch, English, French and Czech on the website of the Green European Foundation. Click here to download.

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