zaterdag 10 augustus 2019

Roundtable on smart cities

at Oxford University, UK

This roundtable is part of the transnational project A Charter for the Smart City, which aims to formulate guiding principles that help local politicians to assess and steer technological innovations in their cities.

The Green European Foundation, with the support of its partner foundations Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks (The Netherlands), Green Economics Institute (United Kingdom), and Institute for Active Citizenship (Czech Republic), is drafting a Charter for the Smart City to assess and steer technological innovations in cities.

The roundtable is meant to help the drafters of the Charter identify best practises from all over Europe and develop a comprehensive Charter, which addresses the opportunities that new technologies offer for improving the quality of life in cities, reducing their ecological footprint and creating new urban commons, but also the threats these technologies may present to civil liberties and social justice.

The Charter project will be introduced by Richard Wouters of Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks. Martin Fodor, green councillor in Bristol and rapporteur on smart cities of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities (Council of Europe), will comment on the draft Charter, as will Tony Hart (Smart Oxford) and other participants of the roundtable.

Date and Time

Saturday 10 August 2019, 11:00 – 16:00


Saïd Business School
Park End Street (next to the train station)
Oxford OX1 1HP
United Kingdom


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This event is organised by the Green European Foundation with the support of Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks (NL), Green Economics Institute (UK) and Institute for Active Citizenship (CZ), and with the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation.